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31-10-2018 23:43


Petr, Can you put up a note on the pin board and an announcement on FB? Cheers Eric

peter maas peter maas 31-10-2018 21:20

offering place to sleep 1-5 november

I'm offering a place to sleep from 1 - 5 november. (€ 20,- p.n.) 200 meters walk away from El Corte Peter Maas

Hans Peter Mikkelsen Mikkelsen 28-10-2018 12:00

Looking for place to sleep : )

I from 1 - 5 November I am a tango dancer and speedskater from Denmark

Wiebke Stadler 01-02-2018 17:58

Lift from Munich?

Hi. Is anyone traveling from Munich thsi week-end and could give me a lift? Thanks, Wiebke

Lis Hell 29-03-2017 19:18

place to sleep 31/04-02/04

Hello! We are a couple coming for the first time (from far) and would be very glad to find a place to sleep! We bring matress and sleepingbag along and are very easygoing! Would be great to find another Tango-person with a free corner! Lisa contact: hellise@posteo.de

Syl Tuerlings 05-12-2015 20:26

;-) sleeping suggestion nearby ;-)

Just a 200 meter walk to a DoubleRoom or a OneRoom2beds ; €75 p.n. or €35 p.p.pn. More info syltuer@gmail.com

25-03-2014 23:31

forum becomes pin board

True Siva... let us then change it into a pin board... on which you can , of course, leave your email address so that other people might react directly and i can monitor the pin board itself... x eric@elcorte.com

Siva Krishnamoorthy 25-03-2014 12:03

Option to reply directly

Good luck on the new forum. It would be better if there is an option to reply to a post directly, otherwise it is only a pin wall and not really a forum. Siva

Garrit Fleischmann 31-01-2014 12:59

Good Luck

Hello ElCorte, good luck with your new Forum, I hope it will serve well as friends-of-el-corte did for such a long time. A Happy Tango Year, Garrit

Rainer Gilhofer 31-01-2014 08:58


It also works on a smart smartphone. ;) Where do I activate email notification for new messages if there is such a function? Looking forward to seeing you all tonight at the chained salon! :-)

07-01-2014 16:55

NUTS registration

Is open ;)

Wilhelm Netizen 08-12-2013 03:28

This is the second mesage ... Thanks - Good Night, and Good Luck!

Thanks for opening this communikation-channel !!! Wilhelm

07-12-2013 02:40

This is the first message!

This forum will be monitored by El Corte... We will place any El Corte related messages as well as info for where to dance in an el-corte-like atmosphere in the world, by adding [ NOMAD ] in your subject line...