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95% traditional
 music in el corte


THU evening- MON morning
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The Chained Salons

Around 1st Saturdays of Oct Nov* Dec Feb Mar Apr May*

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The Chained Salon is the signature El Corte Tango event. Since 1991, dancers from across the globe have traveled to experience the links in this Tango chain. The essence of El Corte is embodied in the natural flow on the Chained Salon dance floor and the ease of the shared vocabulary of the social dance.

The Chained Salon has several component events and you will want to know when to arrive. Chained salon attendees are also invited to add more “links” to their personal dancing chain by visiting one of the Sunday evening dances in the
Arnhem / Nijmegen area.

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*Chained Salon in May

A chained salon with a theme: "tango and animals" .

On Friday Theresa Faus will do a seminar on tango and animals in music,
Eric & Claartje will do a special drop in class about animal-like moves at 22:15 and at
23:00 Delphine from Paris will surprise us with a dance for tanguera and animal.
Cocky will capture your beasty moves in live digital painting during the Friday evening salon.

During the Saturday and Sunday Salon you can see the exhibition of Animals and Dance by various artists and you will have the opportunity to create your own animal featured add-ons to enlighten your dance.

Beside all these themed extras it is a NORMAL CHAINED SALON... So welcome!

*International Weekend in November

This is a workshop infused chained salon.
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chained salons


19:30 doors open
FRI 20:00-22:00 extra in MAY: music seminar Tango & Animals Theresa Faus € 5 ►click here for more info


22:15-23:00 drop - in class
waltz or milonga
claartje & eric € 15
FRI 23:00-02:00 practice salon el corte dj team free


13:20-14:30 space lab eric € 15 you cannot enter between 13:30 and 15:00 !
SAT 15:00-00:00 day salon stefan & guest
may: theresa  ( munchen )
oct: raimund ( berlin )
nov: andreas ( berlin )
dec: antonella ( edinburgh )
free you cannot enter between 19:00 and 22:30 !
maximum attendancy: 250 people
NO reservations possible
SUN 00:30-03:00 night salon eric free
SUN 12:00-15:00 brunch salon stefan & eric free no brunch ;)
SUN after 15:00 dancing in arnhem fdf dj team € 5

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