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workshops, practicas, salons, food, drinks & more 

April weekend 28, 29 and 30th

4.5 hours intensive classes, 2 lunches, 2 dance evenings, practicas ALL drinks & snacks

FRI   21:30           Doors open
         22:00-00:30   Tangosalon, DJ  Stefan ( non participants are welcome as well € 10 )

SAT  11:00-12:00 Workshop group A with Eric and Claartje
         12:15-13:15 Workshop group B with Eric and Claartje
         13:15-14:15 lunch practica for everybody
         14:15-15:15 WS group B Eric and Komala?
         15:15-16:15 WS Group A  Stefan and Komala

         19:00-20:00 WS A and B Eric and Stefan
         20:00-00:30 Tango salon, DJ ? ( non participants € 15 )
                              We would appreciate orange features on your body.

SUN 11:00-12:00 open dance floor (special music) with Eric ( non participants are welcome )
         12:00-12:30 practica for all
         12:30-13:00 solotechnica for everybody with Eric
         13:00-14:00 lunch ( plus practica) for everybody
         14:00-14-30 miniclass group A Eric
         14:30-15:00 miniclass group B Stefan
         15:00-15:30 miniclass for all with Eric & Stefan
         And an after dance until everybody is satisfied.

€  150 per person, classes and practicas lunches and ALL drinks included.

Eric, Henry, Komala, Stefan and Claartje will be your hosts.

No sleeping space in El Corte. Limitation 15 couples per group.

The deposit of €20 per person is a non-refundable registration fee. ( if the cancellation comes from your side )
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