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I had been in Bologna for the academic year 1995-96, and first
learned about tango from Tobias and Annalisa in February 1996. Then I met Giovanni and when he heard that I was returning to England, he told me about you and El Corte, and urged me to get in touch. During the autumn and winter of 96 I went to your classes in London and you invited me to El Corte and to the international week in July (1997). (I was the only onefrom the UK that year).

My first visit, however, was in February and although it was a chained salon I don't remember that there were many people from outside Holland. I was very shy and nervous and you were so warm and welcoming, I shall never forget. You found me partners for the workshops and everyone was kind and friendly.

Then on the Sunday you told me about the dancing in Arnhem and drew a map of how to get there. I went by train on my own and when I arrived there were only two people there. Muzo behind the bar and one other person! I survived though, and have lived to tell the tale.I have learned a lot of things from El Corte - most of all, a kind of
tango that I love and relate to completely. It is an evolving experience - always something new to learn, and something old to be reminded of and learn again. But also, so much more. A way of life - of thinking - of being.

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