Drop-In Class

FRI of chained salon
€ 15



SAT of chained salon
€ 20


Friday Drop-In Class

On chained salon Fridays, 22:15-23:00, € 15 per person

The Friday night Drop-In Class is a commitment-free opportunity to get a taste of studying Tango at El Corte. Eric & Claartje teach Waltz and/or Milonga for dancers with some experience. You will need a partner for the class, but may be able to make a temporary Tango partner connection among other dancers who arrive solo. The class is open to dancers of varied levels of experience, the Drop-In is taught with an eye toward offering something special to everyone.

Space Lab

On chained salon Saturdays 13:20-14:30, € 20 per person

Eric invites you into his experimental state-of-mind where the usual Tango limits do not exist.
Participants are asked to develop new ideas and delve into a cooperative exploration of the Tango and Space. We will focus as well on the creative aspects of the Tango pushing the edges of the Tango envelope with innovative and inventive dance adventures.


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