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Eric, Henry, Stefan and Claartje will be your hosts.

No sleeping space in El Corte. 

The deposit of €20 per person is a non-refundable registration fee. ( if the cancellation comes from your side )



workshops, practicas, salons, food, drinks & more 

December 20-22nd? ( will be confirmed in September )

6 hours classes and tango fixes, 2 salon evenings, 2 lunches and all drinks...
a hint of orange in your outfit will. Be appreciated

FRI     20:00-21:00 Class: the fun rhythms of Rodriguez 
Tangosalon, DJ tba ( non participants are welcome, €5 )
SAT.  10:30-11:00 open dance floor 
         11:00-12:00 WORKSHOP 1 with Eric and Claartje
         12:00-13:00 WORKSHOP 2 with Stefan and ?
         13:00-14:00 lunch practica for everybody
         14:00-15:00 WORKSHOP 3 with Eric and Claartje
         20:30-24:00 Tango salon, DJ ?
                     non participants are welcome as well Students from Nijmegen/Arnhem have free entrance
                     all others: 5 euro 

SUN 11:00-12:00 open dance floor (special music) with Eric
         12:00-12:30 practica for all
         12:30-13:00 solotechnica  with Eric
         13:00-14:00 lunch
         14:00-15:30 4X15 minute classes Eric and Stefan
PRICE: € 155 per person, lunches and ALL drinks included.

CODE ORANGE workshop & more WE

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