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Local Tangueros frequently offer sleeping spots.
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1.'Camping' Downstairs or on Mezzanine

This completes the El Corte experience.
You can 'camp' here if you bring your own sleeping bag and mattress and towel. This is the cheapest option.
You can shower (downstairs only!) after dancing and/or morning and you will be served a sumptuous breakfast.
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  • € 20 p.p.p.n. ( € 110 for a 6-night sleeping card, available at el corte )


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Maximum amount of sleepers: 20



2.Sleeping in El Corte's Dormitory

You will get a bed, duvet, pillow, towel and breakfast. There is a shower on the first floor as well as wifi.

  • The dormitory has seven beds.            € 32,50 p.p.p.n.
  • The corneille room is a double room.   € 75 p.n.



ONLY via telephone, after the registration has been opened.


where to sleep
Blank spots are only bookable via phone APRIL JUNE INT. WEEK AUGUST
SINGLE Rosa Rosa Rosa book from
BUNK 1 UP Manuela Angelie Tracy April 7th
BUNK DOWN 1 Jörg Jorg Tony M 15:30
BUNK UP 2 Giselle Anemone Claus
BUNK DOWN 2 Wim Alyona Chayenne
DUOBED Georgia Wim Birte
DUOBED Matthias Giselle Natalie
CORNEILLE ROOM ( 2p ) Christian & Angelika Christian & Angelika Alex & Carsta

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