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My first time coming to this building was a total secret to everybody. I took one friend along with me. I just moved to another place half a year before this moment, but I wanted to move out again. It was May 1994.

I wasn't happy in "Pater Brugmanstraat" after a beautiful 4 year's in the Knollenpad-building. But I wasn't sure if I would have enough energy to move again.
When we came through the garage door, which used to be the entrance of this building, my friend said: what a "bunker". But I saw what it could be and the same night I cancelled the rent at Pater Brugmanstraat.

We still had a salon there, meanwhile Giovanni (from Bologna) had two weeks to paint Graafseweg. Almost nobody knew about the transfer to come.
I was in France and when I came back, the next salon would be here. So we simply put a note on the door of Pater Brugmanstraat with the message: the salon is not here but at Graafseweg 108. Big question mark of course for everybody. Even the teachers didn't know.

It was the summer salon of the June 30.
Imagine: You expect to go to a salon in one place and then being redirected to another address. When people entered their mouths fell open, because the place had already a nice radiation. Although we had to dance on an alternative
floor, the atmosphere was set.

And I came home....