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Whenever and wherever I talked to tango people they said:
"you must go to El Corte - it's very special".
After a nice week full of tango on Mallorca in october 1999 I decided to go to Nijmegen on the first weekend in November. I was absolutely curious to see the "magic space" that so many people had told me about.
It was nearly empty when I came there on Friday afternoon
and I got more and more exited to see how dancing would be like in the evening. But first of all I needed the toilet very urgently after a 4 hours ride in my car - I have been waiting a long time in front of the toilet door waiting for that man to get out! I knew there was someone sitting on the toilet because I could see his shoes...

In the next hours people from all over the world came in and when they greeted each other with long hugs and kisses I felt the warm loving spirit. I didn't know that it was an international weekend. Eric gave me a warm and friendly welcome, asking my name and where I came from. He even had the time for a little chat.

When the dancing started I just watched for about one hour before I went to dance with Ursula ( the only girl I knew). While watching people I was impressed by the expression on their faces - most of them were smiling - not just like you smile when you see something funny - it must have been their hearts and souls that were smiling. This expression of complete satisfaction and happiness was on their faces even when they were not dancing. I have never before seen so many people in such a relaxed and hearty atmosphere that filled the whole space.
When I started dancing I was very afraid to disturb other people but I really wanted to take part ... and it worked (more or less).

Later in the evening Eric asked me if I enjoy the evening and if I had some nice dances. I was impressed that he remembered me and my name among these hundreds of people.
Since then I try to go to El Corte as often as possible and it really
changed my life. Thank you to Ursula who introduced me to El Corte and thanks to Eric, Komala, Henry and all the other El Corte People - I cannot exactly say what they do or how they do it but it is wonderful! And of cause thanks to all the visitors and dancers from all over the world who fill the space with life and warmth.