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My first time in El Corte was a total secret too - nobody registered the arrival of a deeply impressed tango nerd from the deep south of Germany :)
It was the end of the International Week 1998 (which I didn't realise at all) and it was crowded like hell - you can imagine how frightened I was entering this paradise with fantastic dancers from all over the world. I couldn't believe my eyes!!! Such an amount of energy, emotion and movements - this intensity paralysed me on the one hand and on the other hand I got really stuck to this tango feeling.

I felt like in heaven and after 3 hours of mostly looking and carefully dancing with my dance partner ( she brought me to El Corte - thanks forever Edeltraud ) I finally dared to ask one of the 'local heroes' - what an energetic explosion !!! I was nearly hyperventilating - a feeling which accompanied me for the next few months ;-)

From this day on I was really found to El Corte - this is the place where the tango lives (for me at least) and where I can live the tango! And still after travelling every month to El Corte for over 1 year and then moving to Nijmegen and finally finding my love there it remains the MAGIC PLACE from the very first moment ...