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Still very far from you I am reading your stories about the first times in El Corte totally surprised that they are so positive and happy:-)
Because in spite of that I now love to be, dance and live in El Corte more than anything else ( I would be there instead of even here if the magic could be more permanent than one time a month ) my first time was most of the time dreadful.

It was in the IW 1998 to which Dan brought me ( and then stayed himself... ) as a very fresh tango dancer. And this being a novice - I really experienced there - there were so many good dancers, and not only good dancers but also beautiful and extremely social competent people. Myself I felt like this 12 year old countryside girl coming to the city where everybody ignore and despise you if you don't have the right manners and looks.

So even if I was impressed by a lot of things I mostly wanted to leave, but also very much longing to not only an observing part of this magic I stayed...
And things did get better - people started to speak to (or I to them even:-), Komala said I was so cute sitting in the window even in my Laura Higgins dresses, I fell in love with the first man I dared to ask to dance and in the end of the week I saw his miracle when this unreachable people started to clean and wash the dishes and enjoying my company while doing so. And dancing with Michael and Rory Sunday evening made me feel like the most happy girl on earth and put both this still very awake need to go there in my heart and a wish just to learn all about tango as quickly as possible.

And this urge to learn tango has now even brought me to Buenos Aires, and the funny thing is that tango here has yesterday brought me to the same state as in El Corte in the beginning. I feel clumsy, little and unsure, and long immensely for more secure tango ground with you.

But now I know the secret - with some self-confidence, a lot of work and just a very little time this can totally change and I can again fell like the princes I know I sometimes can be. So thanks for making me experience this Eric -

( and I do tell all people that says that I must have learned tango from an Argentinean "No - he is Dutch" )