Mission Statement

El Corte was built on a foundation of community, creativity and connection. When longtime dancers share their experience and new dancers bring energy and enthusiasm, connections are made, the spark of creativity ignites and a community grows.

The current trend toward invitation-only Tango events excludes beginners. This disrupts the natural balance of a Milonga — a cocktail that requires both the wonder in the eyes of new dancers and the elegance that comes with experience.

At El Corte we celebrate the history of the Tango by sharing the spirit of a living dance that thrives because of the ebb and flow of old friends and new faces. Fueled by the lively mix of dancers and respect for Tango traditions, events at El Corte are designed to refresh your passion for Tango. We hope you will enjoy the exchange of ideas and experiences that is only possible when everyone feels welcome.

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mission statement

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