Live Music

We occasionally invite musicians for a concert and a dance. We will never forget when Pugliese's Orchestra inaugurated El Corte. We had a nice salon organized and could dance to HIS music !
During the dance marathons, chained salons and other dance oriented sessions we stick to recorded music.

Our View On Playing The Music

We play tandas that are separated by silent cortinas to allow the dancers to voluntarily break off their dance flow.
Sometimes we end or start a tanda with a special dance piece. This could mean anything from Piazzolla and modern tango music to salsa and swing.  But we play mainly music of the golden era.
We DO finish a dance event with an announced last tanda. After that dancers should, of course, stay to dance to our own tango : "El Corte", a very danceable tango written as a commissioned piece by Carel Kraaijenhoff in 2004.

Dj Syllabus

From the beginning El Corte appreciated the importance of DJ's. In 1993, when dj-ing was not as developed as it is today, Ad van den Brekel created the first DJ syllabus and together with Eric he created the first DJ course. This has been a valuable resource for many of the current dj's. The syllabus has been enormously expanded by Arnoud de Graaff. He changes and refines it continuously and he is willing to share this important work on paper and pdf. ► email Arnoud


music in el corte

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