It takes an athlete to dance, but an artist to be a dancer.

The Philosophy

Money and time should not play an important role. The regular salons we offer are free and go on for more than half a day! This may help to give the dancers a feeling of having no obligations... Forgetting that they have to achieve...
And that could make better dancers.

This helps draw in many good dancers and they stimulate a spiral upward which may develop into a 'deeper' tango experience for everyone.

Tango should have surprises ( the venue and the public bring in that quality ) and should be free of anticipation. We are still working on it!

Some Consequences

To make this all possible, the organization should be as smooth and energizing as a tango dance.

The building has to be kept clean, safe, workable, inspiring and well stocked.
The registration for special salons is a hell of a job! The (financial) administration, communication and publicity consumes the rest of our working hours.

All of the above is OUR part. But YOU, as a partner in the experience, can contribute by making our job easy. Find answers on the web site or ask El Corte regulars, before you come to US for help.
Bring in your good energy, feel free and connected at the same time.
Take care of the surroundings - that includes the building and the people.

If you connect all those things you will be a true part of El Corte and we love you for that!
our philosophy

disclaimer Mariette Nieuwenhuis