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People Of El Corte

by F. Verschurenby F. Verschuren


is the founder of el corte. He studied dance education and has been dancing for 39 years. He began dancing the tango in 1987, inspired by his tango father Pepito Avellaneda. He travels 150 days per year and yet manages to find a way to teach in El Corte 3 days a week during the dance season.
people of el corte


is a host of el corte and shares love and life with Eric. He travels the world just to dance. Once a year he teaches with Eric.

people of el corte


started tango dancing in 1990. She began her professional career by teaching together with Eric in Nijmegen and on tour. She is also hostess of El Corte. She is now a frequently asked teacher with workshops all over the world. ( Most of the times with Stefan, her husband)
people of el corte


is a host, teacher and TJ of El Corte. After starting Tango 1997 in Bavaria he soon discovered El Corte and traveled to the Netherlands nearly every month for over a year. In 1999 he moved to Nijmegen where he developed his own style in teaching and dancing. Since then he's enjoying his tango life togetherwith his wife Komala ...
people of el corte


started to dance tango in the autumn of 1990. Over the years tango his tango interest spread to tango DJ-ing, coordinating tango events and researching the history of tango.

by J. Jundtby J. Jundt


started in 1991 and began partnering Eric in 1993. She works with Eric two evenings a week.Claartje has worked in Cape Town, Copenhagen, Gent, Turkey and Kassel. Claartje loves teaching and is constantly working to improve her aptness. She also offers workshops where the tango is treated from another point of view.
by G. van Leeuwenby G. van Leeuwen

Toine & Monique

teachers more info follows
people of el corte


is very nice more info follows
people of el corte


will reveal more in the future
people of el corte


is a leading lady. She started dancing in 1997. She has been teaching in El Corte for several years together with Claartje. Eric is her big inspirator. She offers private lessons and her specialty is "video-practica".
by R. van Grinsvenby R. van Grinsven


had his first tango lesson with Eric and Komala in 2003. He has been hooked ever since! In 2010, he met Anneke and stayed together in both tango and in life. In 2012 they started teaching together. For Pieter, the tango is about connection and creativity, playing with music, space and each other.
by R. van Grinsvenby R. van Grinsven


tried all sorts of dancing, such as ballroom, bellydance and medieval dance, before finding a home in tango in 2002 with Komala and Stefan. Teaching the Estudiantes with Pieter, she hopes to spread the joy of dancing to others. The rhythmical percussion of a candombe always gets her running for the dance floor.
people of el corte


is a dj more info follows
people of el corte


is a travelling dj more info follows
people of el corte


lives in London and has been a cook for the international several occasions since 2001.
people of el corte


is one of the el corte regulars, although she is Belgium based. Her el corte infatuation goes a long time back. She has been part of el corte since the 'Knollenpad' ( el corte's first home ). She has been an ambassador and a helping hand for many occasions, especially during the international week .
people of el corte


is the master of reconstruction. He helps putting Eric's ( often weird ) ideas to become reality. Nowadays he maintains the hardware of the building.
people of el corte


El Corte's Maestro more info follows
people of el corte


Orchestra leader, composer and arranger of many of our  favourite tangos. Osvaldo Pugliese came to Nijmegen to inaugurate El Corte's first building: Knollenpad. We still have a plaque in the current building with his best wishes !
people of el corte

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