*23:00-02:00 at chained salons


free admission !

Dj & Music

the El Corte dj's rotate
85% traditional
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only at chained salons
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Friday Practice Salon

Weekly until Dec. 20th

Fridays at El Corte are relaxed and friendly. The Friday Practice Salon is the perfect dance for newcomers to El Corte, inexperienced dancers and anyone who enjoys a low-key, easy-going, social salon.

During Chained Salon weekends,

the Friday Salon begins at 23:00 and ends at 02:00; all other Fridays, the dance starts at 22:15 and concludes at 24:15

A short tanda format ( ► music in el corte ) is designed to invite partner changes and to ease beginners into the longer tandas at most Tango salons. Beginners and visitors who feel intimidated by the crowds at other El Corte events will be comfortable in this Friday Practice Salon night atmosphere.

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