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workshop & more 

October 8-10

4.25 hours classes, 11.5 hours dancing, lunches and drinks

FRI   19:30           Doors open
         20:00-21:15 Workshop group B Eric and Claartje
         21:15-21:45 practica for everybody
         21:45-22:30 WS milonga fun group A Eric and Claartje 
         22:30-00:30 practica for everybody DJ .

SAT  10:00-11:15 W'shop group A Eric and Komala
         11:15-11:45 practica for everybody
         11:45-13:00 W'shop group B Eric and Claartje
         14:15-15:30 WS group A Stefan and Komala
         19:45-20:30 W'ahop group B "more milonga fun Eric and Stefan
         20:30-01:00 practica for everybody DJ ?

SUN 10:00-11:00 practica for everybody ( with special music ) DJ Eric
         11:00-11:30 practica for everybody DJ Eric
         11:30-12:00 mini class group A with Eric
         12:00-12:30 mini class group B with Stefan ( lunch starts )
         12:30-13:00 mini class group A Eric and Stefan
         13:00-13:30 mini class group B Eric and Stefan ( lunch finishes )
         13:30-15:00 practica for everybody DJ eric and Stefan?

€  150 per person, classes, movie and practicas lunches/brunches and all drinks included.

Eric, Henry, Komala, Stefan and Claartje will be your hosts! 

Due to the Corona situation we must ask everybody to sign up with a partner. Changing partners will be possible during practica. We ask you to come with antibodies, or tested.
No sleeping space in El Corte. Limitation at this moment 12 couples per group.

We ask each of you to send a €20 euro downpayment. The downpayment is a nonrefundable registration fee. In case of cancellation from our side you can use the fee for a future code orange event or a bar card...
CODE ORANGE workshop & more WEEKEND

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