€ 425
* auditors pay € 290


€ 35 downstairs
(mon eve-thu mor)
€ 65 dorm
(mon eve-thu mor)

€ 165 corneille room
( 2 people )

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This training will be directly
after the
summerdaze event.

Teacher Training

August 26th-29th

This is a wonderful opportunity for both relatively new and veteran teachers to share experiences with colleagues; receive expert coaching from Eric and specialists; and to focus on becoming extraordinary dance educators. Teachers who are interested in deepening their knowledge of dance and learning how to communicate with a variety of students will benefit from Eric’s 30-plus years in dance education and from the lively exchange with other teachers.

This event is for active teachers only — not for those contemplating teaching Tango. However, they could be a fly on the wall as an auditor.

The price includes *NOTE: All group sessions will be taught in english.

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teacher training
SCHEDULE TEACHER TRAINING 2019 (tentative) colours: brown = listen and dance, beige = mainly active , white = eating
MON 26th TUE 27th WED 28th THU 29th
9:00 breakfast 9:00 breakfast 10:00 breakfast
10:00 group dynamics and general didactics 10:00 dynamics & didactics triggered by yesterday 11:00 evaluation of student classes
12:00 usage of music in a class 12:00 the history of tango by Raimund & Theresa 13:00 lunch
spare time & home work 12:00 spare time & preparation 15:00 goodbyes
19:00 arrival and soup 18:00 dinner 18:00 dinner
introduction practica 19:30 test run with auditors 19:30 real students
set up of the programme 20:45 teaching real students real students

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