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NOVEMBER: The International Weekend Workshops

During salon weekend of November
November (3rd) 4th - 5th 2017

It was created as a kind of reunion of the international week. If your stamina lasts long enough you can dance for more than 17 hours and do 5 hours of intensive classes in 1 weekend ! 

Additional workshop programme by Eric, Claartje and Komala:

SAT  11:15-12:45 media lunas in waltz
SUN  15:15-16:45 maniera and subtle sexyness



€ 90* per person

*presale € 85 if paid cash before November 1st




register via email only from August 2017


MAY 2018 Seminar 'Tango and Colours' with Shiobhan

Friday May 4th 20:00-22:00, € 5 per person

Siobhan will be the one of the Saturday guest DJs for our chained salon in May. We decided to dedicate the May chained salon weekend to a different theme each year. 2018 will be about tango and colours. This lecture will be about the role of colours in tango songs. Siobhan will talk about that, illustrating her knowledge by letting you listen to songs as well.



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